Saturday, 23 November 2013

When I'm not writing I'm a rock star

As well as being an unpublished writer, I'm also a musician. I will never say I'm a failed musician because I'm not. I still write songs and my writing took me in a different direction.

From 1995 to 2001 I was in a band. We were called The Rebel Sweeties and I'm sure if any video of us exists it would prove we were pretty damn rocking. From the perspective and time and age, and discounting the agreement that the only way we could remain friends was to never speak to each other again, it was my privilege to work with such talented and creative people. I don't even care if they wouldn't say that about me. I give Samantha, Gillian and Victoria a big, sweeping 18th century-type bow. You are incredible women, and amazing musicians.

I didn't expect this blog post to be so difficult. I miss those women. Losing The Rebel Sweeties was like losing a relationship. But it just all got too hard.

If I got another band together now, it would be two men and another woman, purely for the vocal harmonies I have going on in my head. I would be the drummer but I don't care if the boys and girl are bassists or guitarists.If anyone's interested let me know. I have several songs ready to go that I don't have the guitar talent to set to music.

Two people read this blog. Pass it on!

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